"check engine light": animated video for the belle curves. spring 2022.

"never been more in love": animated lyric video for ashley jane. spring 2022.

"better when we're falling apart": animated lyric video for wild rivers. produced by the wild honey pie. fall 2021.

"lovenitesss": animated video for james lebaigue. summer 2021.

"two sides": animated video for james lebaigue. winter 2020.

"belly up": lyric video for james lebaigue. fall 2020.

"this dream": animated music video for a track by pooni. summer 2020.

"repeats": looping animation for a track by james lebaigue. spring 2020.

"november": animated music video for pandafan, an nyc folk band. summer 2018.

"karaoke funeral": animated music video for rock band finn + his rustkickers. summer 2018.

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